Are you dealing with:

 *violent outburst 
 *constant lying  
 *self-centered behavior  
Arkansas families are deeply impacted with the rapid problems of drug abuse both prescription and illegal use. These numbers are growing daily.  Shattered Homes has several programs and events in place throughout the entire state to educate and provide important information for families so they can get the best options for drug addicts and families with long term results.  Helping families mend and keep our communities safe. 

Our communities need a great deal of hands on programs and events that are packed with important information and will bring our communities together as a whole. So many families including young teenagers, college students and adults are victims to illegal and prescription drug use/abuse. Shattered Homes has many partners including, drug task force, law enforcement, drug/substance abuse counselors, CASA, Arkansas Domestic Violence, Southwest Arkansas Crisis Resource Center and Long Term Rehabs/Court Liaisons.  We will all work together at the events to help educate families to make the best informed decisions. Most importantly work to take the drugs off the streets and out of our homes. 

In 2016 we hope to reach thousands of families across the Ark-La-Tex by holding "Defeating The War On Families" events. 
Best Options for Drug Addicts and Families
Long Term Results!
Helping Families Mend
Keep Our Communities Safe.

If you and your family have been affected by drugs or alcohol we are here to help! Feel free to call 870.784.0413 or go onto our forum and post questions or comments there.
No one can walk in your shoes, but we will gladly walk beside you every step of the way!
"Never lose faith, you don't know what tomorrow will bring!"